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Anti Mosquito Free Simulated 1.1

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This is a Anti Mosquito Free Simulated Anti Mosquito by your phone!...
Anti Mosquito Free Simulated
Version: 1.1
Size: 2M
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Anti Mosquito Free Simulated Description from Publisher:

This is a Anti Mosquito Free Simulated

Anti Mosquito by your phone!
It's annoying when every time you play, picnics or even sleep, we must meet the Mosquitoes hate always follow you. Not only that, there are mosquitoes agent infectious diseases dangerous to humans. The use of repellent is very effective, but can still hazardous to your health.

Anti Mosquito app helps your phone to become an effective mosquito repellent devices!

Based on the characteristics of the mosquito, they fear the high-frequency sounds like the sound of the bats, dragonflies, which that animals make mosquitoes stay away, because it was feared enemies of mosquitoes. Anti Mosquito using external speakers emit high-frequency sounds from 17 KHz to 22 Khz, is the region that must mosquitoes away.

Due to the characteristics of each of the different species of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes develop software on the phone, we help users can adjust the frequency. You try to see if the frequency for other mosquitoes in your house must be removed. We recommend using frequencies from 20 KHz to 22 Khz, this frequency the human ear can not hear, but still effective in mosquito repellent perfect.

The main features of the application:
- Non-toxic to humans, domestic animals in your family.
- Do not noisy.
- Anti mosquito perfect, the frequency can be adjusted accordingly.
- Applications can run in parallel with other applications, notification bar, you can still use your phone normally with other features.
- Anti mosquito simple, easy to use.
- It does not take batteries, energy saving battery run it - you can turn off the screen and can run Anti Mosquito while run other application
- Mosquito repellent software on the phone and always free so.

- This is only one prank on the Android phone
- The application does not guarantee 100% repel the mosquitoes in the world because there are so many different species. application just an additional measure for anti mosquitoes. We recommend that you should use bed nets while sleeping and screen anti-mosquito cream when
- The application allows you to customize the frequency according to your wishes, but if the frequency is too low for you, it will make your ears uncomfortable.
- We recommend to frequencies from 20 khz - 22 khz, the human ear does not hear, but effective for mosquitoes.
- And do not forget to turn on the speakers hight volume to work on a large area.

Recently changed in this version
Change default value: 19 kHz to 17 Khz
Download Anti Mosquito Free Simulated 1.1 (2M)