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ATalk (Secret Message Sender) 1.1

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Are you sick of people peeping into your personal messages? This app a...
ATalk (Secret Message Sender)
Version: 1.1
Size: 1M
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ATalk (Secret Message Sender) Description from Publisher:

Are you sick of people peeping into your personal messages? This app allows you to send messages securely and ensures that no one readsyour messages except the right person. It converts your messages into an unreadable text, so that the receiver can convert it back to normal textand read it. The messages can be sentby using different pins for different people. And it is very much user friendly and ensures security of your personal matters.

With this app,

* "Knock unlock " gives you more security than unlock pattern
* Secret SMS will not bestoredin your normal inbox
* You can send text messages as an unreadable text with your own pin
* If you want, you can simply change pin for each message or conversation
* you can use this app for normal SMS as well
* with this app you can send messages to friends who has not installed this app
* This feature lets you to use this app for every message you send
* Network provider is also receiving the unreadable version of the text, whichmeans only the pin shared persons can see their messages :-)

How to use :

* First of all you have to choose a tap pattern as thelogin password
* Now you can send messages asthread conversations
* You have to use 4 digit pin for conversation
* If you want, you can change pin for each message
* To send normal messages (without converting to unreadable) use pin as "0000"
* you can load normal SMSby touching menu sensor and selecting the option "Inbox"

Theupdate with sms backup option, call and sms blacklist with superb design is on the way.
This is just for you andtotallyFree.

Enjoy well..

Recently changed in this version
* Optimized performance save BATTERY and reduce CPU usage
* NEW UI with 4 swipe slides including Inbox, New message, Mobile inbox, settings
* Sms alert on/off feature
* Sms Backup/Restore feature
* Knock lock on/off feature
* Manual notification
* In both inbox and mobile inbox it has two slides to
select another conversation,
hide the sender name and number,
view sms count,
immediately convert messages to unreadable format (refresh).
Download ATalk (Secret Message Sender) 1.1 (1M)