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Ball King 1.6.3

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Angry Birds meets basketball
Ball King
Version: 1.6.3
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Ball King Description from Publisher:

Mixing Angry Birds with some b-balling action, Ball King is a simple but addictive little game that will have you constantly trying to beat your own high-score.

A simple layup

Having you take free throws at a basketball net that randomly moves after every shot sound like it could quickly get repetitive. However, Ball Kings provides you with just enough information and feedback to ensure that, rather than being frustrating, every missed shot just entices you to do better.

Pulling down and back on the screen shows you the upward trajectory and power of your shot. Its downward arch is not visible, however, leaving it up to your own skill and judgment to determine where it will come down. This is harder than it sounds, as the basket's constant movement means that the arc of every attempt is different. That's not to mention the wind that kicks in at higher levels to alter the trajectory of your shots to add that little extra variety to the challenge.


Once you have the basics of trajectory mastered, it's a simple matter of lining up your shots, but to keep things interesting, Ball King has two game modes.

The first is a simple challenge mode. This has you chaining shots together one after another until you miss. Along the way there are letters and gems to collect which add to you're in game currency. The second mode is a time trial, which gives you one minute to score as many points as you can. Clean shots add three seconds to your time, while misses simply result in lost time. Chain three clean shots in a row and you will be on fire – netting you even more points per basket.

Both modes are fun, but I found myself far more attracted to the slightly more forgiving time trials as it meant I didn't find myself irritatingly have to restart after every careless mistake.

Nothing but net

While the lack of variety in the high-score chasing gameplay may limit the overall life of Ball Kings, it is a great little distraction. With a playful art style, and lots of different balls (which can alter the bounce physics) and backgrounds to unlock, this basketball game will be sure to have you coming back for more.

Download Ball King 1.6.3 ()