Eisenhorn: Xenos

Eisenhorn: Xenos

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Eisenhorn: Xenos
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Eisenhorn: Xenos Description from Publisher:
Eisenhorn: Xenos - the events of the game take place in a dark universe of Warhammer. You are going to play as an inquisitor and defend citizens of Empire from various threats. Start the battle against mutants, beasts, demons and other enemies who want to seize power over the world of alive. Clear the universe out of evil spirits and prevent the world from plunging into darkness!

Game features:

  • High quality graphics
  • About 10 hours of gameplay
  • Over hundred kinds of weapons and munitions
  • Character upgrade
  • Real time battles in the group of other characters

To install the game you need to download all parts of archive, Rename extension from Zip to Rar and unpack one of them. After this the game will be completely unpacked.
Download Eisenhorn: Xenos ()