Free Contacts Backup Lite

Free Contacts Backup Lite 1.1

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Contact Backup is one of the easiest ways to keep your contact details safe.
Free Contacts Backup Lite
Version: 1.1
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Free Contacts Backup Lite Description from Publisher:
Are you scared of losing all your phone contacts?

We bring to you the easiest way to save your phone contact details without putting in much effort. IPhone’s Contact Backup lets you keep all your phone contacts safe and secured.

We may lose all our phone contact numbers due to various reasons. It may happen when we format our phone, when the phone gets corrupted or if we lose our phone. If you want to keep all your contacts safe and do not wish to lose it ever, you need to install Contact Backup right away.

Contact Backup is one of the easiest ways to keep your contact details safe. All you need to do is create a back up and mail your contacts to an email ID. You can also check the contacts that you have saved for your own reference.

After you create a contact backup for your phone contacts and send the file to an Email Id, you need to check your mail. At times if the file is too large it might not attachment might not get delivered.

Contact Backup is an easy app to install

The app is just a single button backup creator

Just clicking on ‘Backup’ button, you can create your contact backup

Independent app which does not need to sync with any device

No server required

Contacts gets saved in csv & vcf files

You can check the restored contacts via ‘All Contacts’ button

You can send the contact files to an email Id

In App vCard Restore Feature

Option to delete all contacts in address book

Maximum limit for contact storage

Download Free Contacts Backup Lite 1.1 ()