Knowledge Base for WoT

Knowledge Base for WoT 7.9

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Knowledge Base for WoT
Version: 7.9
Size: 332M
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Knowledge Base for WoT Description from Publisher:

Knowledge base for "World of Tanks" game.

This application is NOT a development of Application is made in accordance withWargaming Developer Partner Program rules:

Detailed information on the tanks of all nations. Detailed parameters of chassis, radios, engines, turrets and guns, compatible equipment and consumables. Includes data of premium and gift tanks.

Maps, battle achievements and skills information.

Data is based on WoT version 0.9.8

Application doesn't require internet access, works offline.
Required security permissions are necessary for the functioning of advertising.

Legal notice. The images contained within are copyrighted by Wargaming.Net LLP and tank stats are intellectual property of Wargaming.Net : Copyright © ®, All rights reserved. World of Tanks, WoT are trademarks or registered trademarks of

Recently changed in this version
- bugfixes
- Serbian language
Download Knowledge Base for WoT 7.9 (332M)