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Our method is entertaining- and it works, because it makes complicated...
Learn Spanish with Wlingua
Version: 1.09
Size: 3M
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Learn Spanish with Wlingua Description from Publisher:

Our method is entertaining- and it works, because it makes complicated things easy: best quality contents, easy explanations and just the right progression. You decide: learn Spanish from Spain or from Mexico, starting from scratch or from a basic to advanced level.

This course perfectly fits your learning style: you will learn at your own pace and every day you will see improvements after each lesson. Learning Spanish was never so fast and easy, try it!
5 million users are learning with our courses, join our community!

✔ The perfect Spanish course for beginners or advanced students, with 420 Spanish lessons from a basic to an advanced level (A1, A2 and B1 levels). Before starting the course, you can take a Spanish exam that will place you at the correct level.
✔An easy, guided learning process. You will feel you learn Spanish from the very beginning.
✔ Our spaced repetition system (revision tests at increasing intervals) allows you to learn gradually with no frustrations.
✔ You can learn Mexican & Spain (Europe) Spanish. It's up to you which one you study.
✔ Spanish vocabulary exercises to learn and understand more than 9,000 words. You will also have phrase and sentence exercises to learn how to use those new words correctly. All of them are recorded so that you can focus on the pronunciation and intonation of the new words and sentences, a way to improve your listening skills! You will never say again “espanol” but you will say “espaÑol” :)
✔ Easy and detailed explanations in every lesson, with lots of example sentences. Learn once and for all!
✔Spanish Grammar exercises at the end of every lesson to reinforce what you’ve already learned.
✔ Reading exercises with true or false questions. Test your reading skills while you learn Spanish vocabulary!
✔ Audios in Mexican & Castilian Spanish.

In the course there are two types of accounts:
- Basic: this account is free, but you have restricted access to certain parts of the course.
- Premium: with this account you have complete access to all of the course content and material.
It is necessary to create an account to join our course. All you need is your email and a password.
When you access the course for the first time, we give you a month of Premium access for free to try everything that we have to offer. When the trial month finishes, your account will automatically convert to a Basic account.
That's it, with no hidden fees.

This course requires Internet connection. All of your progress will be automatically saved so the next time you enter the course you will be able to continue where you left off, regardless of the device you are using.

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