Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1

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Minecraft style shooter game
Pixel Gun 3D
Version: 9.4.1
Size: 126.2 MB
Download Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1 (126.2 MB)

Pixel Gun 3D Description from Publisher:

If you're a fan of Minecraft but want more action, then you'll probably like Pixel Gun 3D. Pixel Gun 3D is based on Minecraft but rather than build and create, the aim is to shoot your opponents.

Pixel Gun 3D features Multiplayer, Cooperative and Survival Campaign modes. In Multiplayer you face a death match with up to 8 players. In Cooperative mode, you team up with 4 players and in Survival Campaign you face a siege by zombies.

Pixel Gun 3D also features in-game chat and tons of weapons.

Download Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1 (126.2 MB)